Moland always strives to give you a professional and competent solution. Our customers are always our highest priority. 


The Moland Group is among Scandinavia’s leading providers of building materials. We are selling to European and Scandinavian building material resellers.

For more than 25 years we have developed our products in close collaboration with our suppliers. We follow the development closely, in a dynamic and strong competitive industry. Our products help build the perfect settings both inside and outside. Our solutions give contractors, architects and other experts a wide range of technical and designed solutions to choose from.

As a customer at Moland you always get our full attention, and with us on your team, you can expect an expert guidance, the best service and a close monitoring in the projects we are involved in. At Moland, credibility, commitment and a sense of humor are the cornerstones of our companies.

The Moland Group consists of:

• Moland Byggevarer A/S
• Wimex ApS
• Moland Byggvaror AB, Sweden


We are situated on the harbor in Skive and have a sales office in Kastrup, both in Denmark. With more than 20.000 m2 of warehouse capacity in Skive, we ensure a fast and easy delivery of your goods.